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Mark Chaffee, ASHI Certified Real Estate Inspector


Chaffee Inspection Services has over 12 years of home inspection expertise, uses advanced inspection tools and is proud to be recognized for excellence by the professional real estate community.

We offer experience and professionalism for your home inspection, pool inspection and condo inspection needs. We have been serving Carlsbad, Encinitas and the North San Diego County area since 2003. Two-time winner of the North San Diego County Association of Realtors (NSDCAR) Affiliate of the Year Award for Carlsbad/Encinitas districts, Chaffee Inspection Services works closely with Realtors and home buyers all over San Diego County. We will also perform inspections in Riverside, Temecula, and Orange County.

We have performed thousands of inspections of homes in North San Diego County and intimately know the unique issues most commonly seen. Using advanced inspection tools, such as advanced software and infrared thermography, we can quickly determine problems such as moisture intrusion, structural issues or missing insulation. The IR camera shows temperature differences that pinpoint electrical problems or water that has leaked into drywall or ceilings.

Chaffee Inspection Services is accredited by American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and our inspectors are Certified Real Estate Inspectors (CRI), attending continuing education classes annually to further our knowledge of laws, tools and issues that may affect a home.

Every homebuyer should use an inspector with experience who carries adequate liability insurance as well as errors and omissions insurance, like Chaffee Inspection Services does. Beware of “weekend inspectors” who inspect homes without proper insurance or certifications.

Chaffee Inspection Services has been successful through the ups and downs of the San Diego County real estate market for a reason. We are trusted by realtors and home buyers/sellers and we are a company with integrity, intelligence and expertise in home inspection services.

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