You found the home you want, had your offer accepted and now you’re in escrow! All very exciting stuff…now you’re ready for your home inspection. Here are six great tips to get the most out of this step of your transaction:

  1. Ask your realtor to send the MLS sheet and any other pertinent documents to your inspector. The more relevant information about the condition of the house your inspector has, the better job they can do assessing the condition of the structural systems.
  2. You have walked through the house, are there any questions or concerns that you have about the condition or the operations of the home? Write them down and present them to the inspector.
  3. Attend the inspection! Your inspector will review the significant findings of the inspection with you and you can get all of your questions answered. Be sure to ask the inspector to point out where the gas, electric and water shut offs are located.
  4. Don’t use the inspection time to show off your new prospective home to family and friends. The inspector needs to focus on a thousand details and shouldn’t have to try and work around your guests. Small children and pets should be left at home.
  5. When you receive the home inspection report, READ IT…ALL OF IT! There is a lot of information about the house provided in most home inspection reports.
  6. After you have read the report, follow up on all of the recommendations made by your inspector before you close escrow. Often times your inspector will recommend follow up by additional experts, this will provide additional critical information you should have before you own the home.

At the end of the home inspection process you should be better prepared to make an informed decision about moving forward in buying the home. We would be honored to help you with your home inspection needs. Call us at 760-889-3108.