Clean out rain gutters of debris that can clog the downspout.
Inspect roof, or have it inspected, for damage to roofing materials, flashings, caulking.
Check exterior landscape drainage so that water is running off away from the house.
Touch up caulking and paint at the exterior of the house.
Have air conditioning system serviced.

Check exterior of house and attic for termite damage.
Check crawl space for plumbing leaks, moisture intrusion and damage to structure.
Inspect exterior siding – repair cracks or damage.
Replace HVAC filters.
Drain and flush water heater per manufacturer’s instructions.

Inspect and clean chimney.
Ensure landscape drain system is clear.
Check condition of electrical panel.
Check condition of outlet and switch covers. Replace any that are cracked or missing.
Have heating system serviced by a licensed heating contractor.

Test smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors. Replace non-functional unit.
Clean kitchen appliances.
Check condition of exterior vents.
Check in attic for signs of roof leaks.
Touch up caulking in the kitchen and bathrooms to prevent water intrusion issues.